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Three coordinates measuring instrument and image measuring instrument to replace artificial to reduc


Three coordinates measuring instrument and image measuring instrument is widely used in the production of mold parts and related products commonly used precision measuring instruments. Can provide mold enterprise effective components detection efficiency. Bestway measurement is specialized in the three coordinate measuring instrument and the image measuring instrument manufacturers, three coordinates measuring instrument for five consecutive years in the domestic market of three coordinates measuring instrument production and sales of the first. Bestway three coordinate measuring machine can realize the automatic measurement of the mould, as long as the workpiece on the measuring instrument measuring platform, through the machine automatic measurement function, can be achieved by measuring objects of automatic measurement and report output, save time at the same time, also greatly increased accuracy, thus greatly improve the efficiency of measurement.

After the Spring Festival in 2014, in many parts of our country "labor shortage", this also caused wide attention. Especially labor intensive industry more no exception, but also mold enterprise. In large Numbers in some media reports the shortage situation, also led to some mould enterprises and other enterprises in the fear, afraid of deep shortage comes again.

The shortage has brought a lot of problems. Such as will lead to rising cost of labor productivity, will ultimately affect the profits of the enterprise. Some companies will lead to bankruptcy because of the lower profits. So use some machines to replace human labor production is an effective way. Using the machine equipment to avoid the cost of a large amount of human labor, also can improve labor productivity. As some mold enterprises to adopt artificial testing mold, such as people's physical problems, such as, to a large degree would bring to mould parts of test this or that problem, and the efficiency is very low. On the contrary, if the mould enterprises to adopt advanced machinery and equipment for measurement, can be very convenient to detect objects, not only faster, and more can be detected accurately.