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Guangdong to invest nearly trillion test water machine automation


A lady put two pieces of iron material in the welding place on, fixed well, look like a robot device will be turned at the welding two pieces of iron out light, four corners round each time, such as robot welding, women take the material, then put the second piece of new materials, welding robots are operating in a shop, this is a production of television after the shell of the traditional manufacturing industry, factory director jan-jun luo told reporters, the economic observer using a robot can save half labor costs.

Created a "world factory" the miracle of China's manufacturing industry is heading for a turning point, advanced robotics perhaps is to improve the production efficiency and competitiveness of China's manufacturing industry, is gradually make up for the development of Chinese manufacturing industry brought by the demographic dividend disappear once rely on weakening of comparative cost advantage.

Determination of guangdong province in the next three years, the industry technical transformation investment will reach 943 billion yuan, and 1950 industrial enterprises above designated size in "machine substitution". For the upstream suppliers or traditional manufacturing enterprises are attractive, and even many small and medium-sized enterprises.

Guangdong manufacturing to machine automation

One day four years ago, jan-jun luo welding workshop is the first robot, the robot working radius of 1.2 meters, 12 kg load, can welding after the 65 - inch television shell material, can rotate 360 degrees, can also rotate up and down or L. Before there is no robot, the workshop is a kind of call "cross slide block" tools for welding, but the use of the cross slipper has limitations: a material usually has four Angle, laser welding a place there is a point light, cross the slider drive laser point at some points in one corner, because can't run so far to come back, need someone put it upside down, put the material in good location, it can start again welding, so need to move four times, the efficiency is very low, if you want to increase production capacity will be equipped with many sets of laser machine.

Jan-jun luo said, according to the conventional welding method of cross module, to make a product to generally need four machine, four people, two welding bead, two people pass material, an hour to do less than 50 pieces. A robot, a host, now equipped with two people. Program set as long as the robot, the robot can be set according to you the trajectory of running, an hour's capacity to about 120 pieces.